Social Media: An Important Tool In Network Marketing

Social Media and Network Marketing Social Media Marketing is defined as a method of driving traffic (potential clients or customers) through the use of networks or outlets. Social Media is an important tool that can help convert web visitors into customers and eventually into long-term revenue. Network marketing, sometimes referred to as Multi-Level Marketing or […]

Less than 7 Days to Facebook Timeline

Are you ready for Facebook to switch your Fan Page to the new Timeline format? Let me start out by saying that if you haven’t already test drove the new timeline fan page then you need to now before Facebook does the automatic switcheroo for you. There are a lot of “pros and cons voting” […]

How To Gain Twitter Friends and Influence Followers

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Twitter lately and really getting into reading the many tweets our followers have been posting. What I have noticed though, is how many people use Twitter improperly and use it mainly for spamming their followers! Why? Why would you want to spend time building a relationship with […]

Facebook Fan Page Confusion

I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately that stem from confusion about the Facebook Fan Pages (“Like Page”) and Facebook Groups. It seems many people are confused as to what the differences are and which one they should use. So, after responding to many of these requests, I thought it would be a good […]

Awesome Facebook Fan Page in 90 Seconds

Facebook provides a marketing mecca for Internet and Network marketers. Why? you ask, for starters Facebook has over 700 million users world wide, therefore, Facebook is the single most concentrated social media gathering place on the internet. Facebook has also recently added some pretty cool features that now make it easier than ever to get […]

Just “Like” me already!

Are you a Facebook marketer troubled by the lack of “Likes” on your profile? If so, then we want to provide you with some pointers we feel will get you “Liked” more often. Let’s first cover what is really meant by being liked by the Facebook “Like” application. Facebook defines “Like” as; a way to […]