Google Analytics – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of Google Analytics! First off, if you have been reading our articles on Google Analytics, I want to welcome you back for the final part of our multi-part article. However, if you are just joining us and came to this article via search, then I would suggest you go to Part […]

Google Analytics – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Google Analytics! In our previous post we talked about What is Google Analytics, Creating your Google Analytics Account, and adding your first property (web site) to your Google Analytics account. In Part 2, we are going to take you through the process of Adding the Google Analytics Tracking Code to […]

Google Analytics

Have you heard of Google Analytics? Do you know the benefits that Google Analytics can provide you as a website or blog owner? If you own a single website or blog, host multiple websites, or manage websites for others, Google Analytics can provide you with valuable insight into your website’s visitors and their engagement on […]

Instantly Capture Video Traffic

We all know how Video generates traffic and how all that traffic can lead to a boost in your sales. But, do you know how you can instantly increase the amount of traffic you get from videos on YouTube and Vimeo? If you own a business, and run a website that you use to generate […]

Branding Yourself vs Building A Brand

If you were to ask me “What is the one question new marketers ask you the most?” without a doubt it would be regarding brand strategy. In this day and age, the internet plays a very important roll in how we market our products and services to our potential customers. Some of the best internet […]

List Building Tips – Is the Fortune in Your List?

We’ve all heard the statement; “The Fortune Is In Your List”! As cliche’ as it is, it’s most likely a very true statement, but chances are you’re not leveraging your list and receiving all of the benefits out of your list that you should be. In this article I am going to provide some list building […]