Branding Yourself vs Building A Brand

If you were to ask me “What is the one question new marketers ask you the most?” without a doubt it would be regarding brand strategy. In this day and age, the internet plays a very important roll in how we market our products and services to our potential customers. Some of the best internet […]

Great Blog, No Traffic; Ideas to Advertise Your Blog

A Blog is just like any other type of business. If you want to be successful not only do you have to have an excellent product (your blog’s content) but you also have to have an excellent marketing and branding strategy. Without it you can have the most exciting, interesting and value-filled Blog in the […]

Building A Solid Foundation For Article Marketing

There are two schools of thought when it comes to article marketing. Each approach works well in generating leads. However, there are benefits to one approach over the other in building a solid foundation for your article marketing campaigns. In general, the two approaches to article marketing are; SEO Targeted Article Marketing – building a SEO […]

How can you work from home with no customers?

Today, more than ever, it seems that everyone wants to find the true “Work from Home” business opportunity. Now I agree it sounds very tantalizing to be your own boss. But do you realize all the work that goes into getting an online business setup? Let’s break down some of the factors that you need […]