How can you work from home with no customers?

I have no customers

No Customers?

Today, more than ever, it seems that everyone wants to find the true “Work from Home” business opportunity. Now I agree it sounds very tantalizing to be your own boss. But do you realize all the work that goes into getting an online business setup?

Let’s break down some of the factors that you need to look at in setting up your online business and see if you are ready to tackle the tasks of being your own boss.

10 Steps to Working from Home

  1. Setup a legal company entity – sole proprietor, limited liability company or corporation
  2. Establish an infrastructure for managing your business -This includes an accounting system, phones systems, domain registration, email hosting, website development, and more
  3. Choose a product/service to sell/promote – product selection, what to sell
  4. Establish a rapport with your suppliers – identify the distributors for the products you want to offer
  5. Identify/determine a marketing method for promoting your business – how to promote, where to promote. Lead Generation Strategies
  6. Promote and market your products and/or services – The actual process of promoting your business, it’s products and services and why your customers need them
  7. Track sales and shipping to your customers – product fulfillment, customer relationship management
  8. Bill customers for ordered products and services – accounting and record keeping
  9. Handle customer shipments, follow-up and complaints – manage the customer experience with your company
  10. Process returns, lost orders, and defective product replacements
  11. and the list goes on….

Wow! That all sounds like so much work and may be very overwhelming at the start. However, even after reviewing all of the tasks above (and I am sure you can come up with a few more), I’m sure you will agree that the rewards you receive from being your own boss far out weigh the work that being self-employed and running an online business requires. Rewards like, the freedom of being your own boss, spending more time with your family, having the freedom to work your own hours, and receiving compensation based on your individual efforts all contribute to the incentives of being self-employed.

We’d like to assist you in easing some of the struggles you will experience as you launch your online business. We know that one of the major areas new businesses struggle at is getting the appropriate amount of new leads to review their products/services. Leads that are vital to the success and well being of your business. Therefore, we have put together a training video of “25 Marketing Methods” that we know are essential to gaining the prospects/leads that your business will require to become successful. These leads will hopefully, eventually become customers of your products/services. We invite you to set back, relax, and forget about how much work you have ahead of you while you review the training this video can provide.


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