How to start and run your own Blog Business and why you should.

Of the thousands of opportunities that have arisen from the Internet, one of the most intriguing, profitable and misunderstood is Blogging. Frankly, you can find plenty of skeptics that will tell you that having a Blog Business won’t work, won’t earn you enough money and isn’t a “real job”. The truth is that blogging is […]

Does Auto-Posting Hurt Your Blog Status

Recently, I have been getting more and more people asking me if I thought auto-posting to their blog was a good idea. Evidently, in this age of laziness people are looking for a way to create content for their website without having to worry about blogging everyday. So the question is “Does Auto-Posting Hurt Your […]

Bloggers Remorse: Is There Really Anyone Reading This?

Day 5 of my 90 Day Freedom Journey. I am setting here today, contemplating what the topic of today’s article post should be, when a shadow of doubt comes over me as I wonder to myself –  “Is there anyone that is really going to be reading this post?” and then in a moment of […]