Bloggers Remorse: Is There Really Anyone Reading This?

buyers_remorseDay 5 of my 90 Day Freedom Journey.

I am setting here today, contemplating what the topic of today’s article post should be, when a shadow of doubt comes over me as I wonder to myself –  “Is there anyone that is really going to be reading this post?” and then in a moment of cliché silence I ask myself;

 “Why am I dedicating so much time to write this blog if no one is really ever going to read it?”

Have you ever felt that way about a new endeavor you undertake? The experts would tell you that this is normal human behavior. It’s like the feeling you get after you buy a new car and you wonder if you are doing the right thing, did you get a good deal, or should you have looked around more before making the purchase. There is a term for the mood you experience after a major purchase, it’s called “Buyers Remorse”.

Bloggers Remorse Sets In Early

So that is it, I am coining a new phrase for the mood I am now experiencing, I’m going to call it – “Bloggers Remorse”!

Hey, wait a minute could I be onto something, I thought to myself?

Could I really have coined a new phrase?

Does this have the potential to go Viral?

I quickly Googled the exact term “Buyers Remorse” and to my dismay there were 2,860 occurrences of this term already on Google with some of the searches dating back as early as the Spring of 2006. As my exuberance quickly subsided, a warm comfort fell over me as I read some of the posts others had written on this topic and I realized I was not alone. Other bloggers had already experienced what I was going through.

If You Write About It They Will Come

It’s not easy to be a blogger, especially in the early stages of blogging when you are unsure if anyone cares enough about your posts to give them even the slightest cursory review before moving on to the next website location.  So how do you attract visitors to your blog and get them to read your blog posts?

Unfortunately, attracting followers to your blog takes time. Unless you are already a celebrity of some sorts, most of your blog followers in the early stages are going to just be your friends and family.

This is where patience plays a roll in your blog’s success.

If you blog daily, be consistent with your blog posts, be patient, and give the search engines time to crawl your blog and index your pages eventually sooner or later your going to see your blog followers begin to grow. When that day comes it will be one of the most exciting days of your life.

grow_your_blogFertilizer For Your Blog

Like fertilizer applied to your plants helps make them grow, search engine visibility for your blog will make your blog followers grow. The secret is to determine how to get your blog indexed by the search engines as early on in your blogging career as possible.

In the upcoming days I am going to share some of the tactics and methods I am going to use to grow my blog followers. I invite you to follow my blog and share in my experiences as I progress through my 90 Day Freedom Journey and achieve success in blogging.


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  2. What the role of SEO anyway?

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