WordPress Mystique Unicorn Joke Not Funny

I don’t mind a cute joke every now and then, however, not when it involves what I trust to be a quality designed product! Mystique April Fools Joke For anyone running the Mystique WordPress theme by Digital Nature that woke up this morning and checked their website, via the backoffice admin, you probably know what […]

HTTP Error – WordPress Flash Uploader

We recently moved our website to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) running 64-Bit CentOS, WHM, cPanel, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.3, and My SQL 5.x,  We figured we could get better performance and greater control out of running our own hosted web environment and the VPS seemed like the best fit at the time. At present, […]

3 Steps to Internet Marketing

So, after many days of thought and research you have landed upon this website and made the decision that it’s time to start your own Internet Marketing Business. Making the decision to jump into Internet Marketing was the hard part. Now the fun begins, but where do you start? What tools do you need? These […]