SEO Strategies – Off Page SEO

In our previous post “Basic Principles of Good SEO“, we mentioned that there are two categories that you should focus on for your SEO efforts. In that article we covered the first category “On Page SEO”, which includes all of the tactics that you can use to optimize the structure of your website, pages and […]

3800 Twitter Followers Landmark Goal Reached

I am ecstatic at this moment, I just looked at the number of Twitter followers we have achieved and as of this morning we have 3800 followers! This truly is a landmark event for us since we have been on Twitter for only about 8 months. Are you on Twitter? If you are an Internet […]

How To Gain Twitter Friends and Influence Followers

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Twitter lately and really getting into reading the many tweets our followers have been posting. What I have noticed though, is how many people use Twitter improperly and use it mainly for spamming their followers! Why? Why would you want to spend time building a relationship with […]