3800 Twitter Followers Landmark Goal Reached

3800_twitter_followersI am ecstatic at this moment, I just looked at the number of Twitter followers we have achieved and as of this morning we have 3800 followers! This truly is a landmark event for us since we have been on Twitter for only about 8 months.

Are you on Twitter?

If you are an Internet Marketer, and you have not leveraged the power of Twitter in your marketing plans, then I suggest you stop whatever it is that you are doing right now and open a Twitter account.Twitter Stats as of October 8, 2012

Twitter is one of the most powerful social platforms available on the internet today. Consider that Twitter has over 140+ Million users, that send out an average of 1 Billion Tweets every 3 days, then you can see the power of this social media platform and how you can use it to market your business.

How to get Twitter Followers

Now, you may be wondering “How did you get to 3800 twitter followers so fast?”  Let me tell you it’s not easy, twitter followers come and go and it’s your challenge to Tweet just the right amount of valuable information that your followers are interested in.

Tweets are 140 character statements of information that should have the goal of providing your followers with something of value to them. Obviously, you can’t provide a lot of value in 140 characters, but you can peak their interest on a related blog post, article, website, or product that would be of interest to your followers.

Your goal on Twitter should be to provide value, not flood your followers with ads or promotions. That is the surest and fastest way to chase your followers away.

Building your followers, begins with you following people that you find interesting and that provide value to you. Most people on Twitter follow a protocol that is unwritten but follows the principle of you follow me and I will follow you back.

Once you start to build followers, using the above principle, then tweet about things that provide value to your followers.

Cultivate your Twitter followers, reach out to them on a daily basis via 140 character tweets. Let them know what your are doing, what new interesting articles and posts you have found, and share your status with them. In return, read their tweets, retweet their tweets, and participate daily.

In time, your followers will grow and you will soon find that you have built a significant twitter following.

Twitter Follower Summary

My next goal is to reach 5000 followers before the end of the year! Help me achieve that goal. If you are not currently following me on Twitter then go to the NetworkCEO Twitter page and follow me now!

Happy Tweeting!


P.S. Hmm… I am also thinking about putting together a drawing for all of my followers so that one lucky winner gets to receive a prize… What a great idea. Keep tuned to my blog and follow me on Twitter for more details to come out later.


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