SEO Strategies – Off Page SEO

In our previous post “Basic Principles of Good SEO“, we mentioned that there are two categories that you should focus on for your SEO efforts. In that article we covered the first category “On Page SEO”, which includes all of the tactics that you can use to optimize the structure of your website, pages and […]

Social Media Classes-What Class Is Right For Me?

I have been asked a lot of questions on how to use social media properly and just recently, I was asked about social media classes and where someone interested in the subject could find the best information. So I decided to write this article to give some ideas on where you can find social media […]

Stealth Facebook Marketing Tactics

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about Stealth Marketing Tactics for Quietly Building Your Business and in that article I promised to provide more specific details about Stealth Marketing Ideas that you could use now! This is the 1st article in a series in which I will provide you with greater details on […]

Using Social Media Marketing To Get Your Business Noticed

If you’ve spent any time on the internet in the last several years, then you know that Social Media is the new coffeehouse. It is where people go to socialize with their friends and learn about what is going on in the world. You can cash in on this by social media marketing for your […]

Less than 7 Days to Facebook Timeline

Are you ready for Facebook to switch your Fan Page to the new Timeline format? Let me start out by saying that if you haven’t already test drove the new timeline fan page then you need to now before Facebook does the automatic switcheroo for you. There are a lot of “pros and cons voting” […]

Facebook Fan Page Confusion

I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately that stem from confusion about the Facebook Fan Pages (“Like Page”) and Facebook Groups. It seems many people are confused as to what the differences are and which one they should use. So, after responding to many of these requests, I thought it would be a good […]