SEO Strategies – Off Page SEO

In our previous post “Basic Principles of Good SEO“, we mentioned that there are two categories that you should focus on for your SEO efforts. In that article we covered the first category “On Page SEO”, which includes all of the tactics that you can use to optimize the structure of your website, pages and […]

Basic Principles of Good SEO

It’s estimated that each week over 1 million new websites* are created and “go live”. Many of these websites are built by first time web designers (aka small business owners) with the intent of getting more customers for their business. I wonder how many of these website owners consider the basic principles of good SEO […]

How To Improve Search Engine Rankings

Of course everyone wants to know what the secrets are to improve their search engine rankings. Showing up in the search engines is the best way that websites have for generating traffic to their websites and ultimately selling their products and/or services. If you’re not getting traffic to your website then chances are that your […]

Great Tips To Use For Better Web Design

We get a lot of questions about web design and whether or not  it is important to have a great design for your website. Many of the questions we receive are more focused on the cosmetics of the design and how to make the design more appealing, rather than functionality and SEO. Inevitably, the conversation […]