Empower Network Banned By Facebook

Well it was bound to happen, remember all those posts and spammy messages you used to see on Facebook about the Empower Network? You won’t see them anymore because, as of this past week, Facebook has banned any and all references to the EmpowerNetwork. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? If you […]

Bloggers Remorse: Is There Really Anyone Reading This?

Day 5 of my 90 Day Freedom Journey. I am setting here today, contemplating what the topic of today’s article post should be, when a shadow of doubt comes over me as I wonder to myself –  “Is there anyone that is really going to be reading this post?” and then in a moment of […]

Are You Struggling With Daily Blog Posts

Day 4 of my 90 Day Freedom Journey. Are you struggling daily to find new ideas, blog topics, and articles to write about and post to your blog? Did you know that it’s common for writers to experience a mental block every now and then and to struggle with ideas to write about? Who said […]

Using Live Writer to Speed Blog Posting

Day 3 of my 90 Day Freedom Journey. Today I wanted to provide you with an overview of Windows Live Writer, this application is a cool tool that I discovered that allows you to Speed up your Blog Posting and blog writing activities. According to Wikipedia, Windows Live Writer has been around since November of […]