Social Media Classes-What Class Is Right For Me?

Social-Media-TrainingI have been asked a lot of questions on how to use social media properly and just recently, I was asked about social media classes and where someone interested in the subject could find the best information. So I decided to write this article to give some ideas on where you can find social media classes. Obviously, this is such a hot topic right now so having a good understanding of this topic is vital for business owners.

I would highly encourage and recommend you research this topic, read some books on social media and/or take some social media classes. This will only help you to better understand how to improve your business in the new social media era.

Also, participate on social media websites, because you will need to use social media, gain experience, and make some mistakes to get the full idea of how it all works. But a little direction from some social media classes will never hurt too.

Sources of Social Media Training

The first thing I would do is hit up Barnes and Noble, either physically or via the web, or to save time just visit Amazon and get some books on the topic of social media.

I still prefer a physical book especially when I am using them for training purposes. This way I can highlight and reference things I want to implement. But to each their own!!

Some books I would recommend would be:

  • Social BOOM! By Jeffrey Gitomer
  • Likeable Social Media By Dave Kerpen
  • Social Business By Design By Dion Hinchcliffe and Peter Kim
  • The Social Media Bible By Lon Safko

The above is a list of some great books to get started with. If you are more of an in person training class type let’s discuss your options.

Social Media Training Classes

I would recommend checking out your local library or you could search on sites such as and look for some local social media classes you can attend. Another option would be to visit the website of your local community college to see if they offer classes too.


These classes are typically very low cost and in a lot of instances are taught by successful local business owners who have a strong understanding of social media in business. I also find this is a great way to network as well with other local entrepreneurs.

Now if you are looking for some serious social media classes that are going to rock your business with then I have a few amazing candidates that can help you.

First let me introduce you to Michelle Pescosolido. She is the queen of Facebook Social Media Marketing. Her expertise is in Facebook Pay-Per-Click Marketing strategies. Michelle has everything from online training videos to live training events and webinars. I would recommend any of her training programs:

Next if you are looking for a extensive social media training which is packed full of information on using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and much more then the Social Media Tool Box Academy (  is a great resource of information.

This is a “university” setting style of classes where small business entrepreneurs can understand how to properly apply social media to their business. You will have tons of social media training modules that you will gain access to, each module builds upon the next. The best part is that this social media class is available to attend on your own schedule.

I would suggest doing a few things first before you dive into any of these social media classes. First, pinpoint what type of a learner you are. This will help you choose what type of course may fit your learning style best. After you have established your style, you will need to figure out how much time you want to dedicate to learning these new skill sets.

Once you have established your best style of learning you can figure out which of the many social media courses that are available will help you and your small business.

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