Stealth Facebook Marketing Tactics

Stealth Marketing TacticsA few weeks ago, I wrote an article about Stealth Marketing Tactics for Quietly Building Your Business and in that article I promised to provide more specific details about Stealth Marketing Ideas that you could use now! This is the 1st article in a series in which I will provide you with greater details on how I market using some of the largest Social Media websites on the internet today.

Since this is the 1st article on this subject I felt it was only fitting to start with what is unarguably the largest Social Media platform of all-time… Facebook!

“If you aren’t on Facebook, stop reading this article and go create an account now!”

Let me just say it now and get it out of the way, if you are not on Facebook then stop reading this article and go create a Facebook account now. Without being on Facebook and leveraging this Social Media platform for marketing your business, you are missing out on one of the most exceptional ways to market on the internet today.

Using Facebook For Stealth Marketing

As many of you know, I am pro Facebook Marketing… I have been very successful with Facebook and I follow many of the examples and principles of Stealth Marketing Tactics that I have learned from Michelle Pescosolido, the Queen of Facebook Marketing!

I want to share one of the methods I use for marketing on Facebook that has brought me phenomenal success. But first, let me share some of my results where I am averaging just .05 cents per click and in 1 advertising campaign I got a .01 cent per click!

Facebook Advertising Results

Hope I have your interest peaked now… A Cost Per Click (CPC) for a lead of just .01 cent is almost unheard of in the industry! Yet, I have reached that rate several times with many of my Facebook marketing campaigns.

One Stealth Marketing Secret

I’ll share one of my Stealth Marketing Secrets with you. It’s called a Promoted Page Post by the Facebook advertising team. Promoted page posts allow the owner of a Facebook page to promote specific posts that are placed on the Facebook Page. These have been highly effective for me in promoting my businesses via Facebook and have allowed me to get great ROI on my advertising dollars. The drawback is that to use Promoted Page Posts you have to have 400 Likes to your page. Need more Likes? Check out the P.S. section below this post.

I always do my promotions in conjunction with using Pretty Link or another URL shortener service to cloak my promoted page links. To get the best possible return and the lowest click-thru rates, I create a Facebook app, then promote the app in my Promoted Page Posts.

That’s it, that’s one of my secrets to great advertising ROI on Facebook! Do you want to learn more of my secrets and be taught the best Stealth Marketing Tactics for Facebook Today? Register for this 45 minute video and learn how you can become a Facebook Marketing Guru!


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P.S. – Learn how to leverage Facebook for all your traffic generation, lead creation needs! Watch this 45 minute video for details!



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