Does Auto-Posting Hurt Your Blog Status

Recently, I have been getting more and more people asking me if I thought auto-posting to their blog was a good idea. Evidently, in this age of laziness people are looking for a way to create content for their website without having to worry about blogging everyday. So the question is “Does Auto-Posting Hurt Your Blog Status?”

Blog PostingWhat Is Blog Auto-Posting

Let’s start out by clarifying what auto-posting to your blog is or can be;

Auto-Posting to your blog by itself is not detrimental to your blog’s status. Auto-Posting can be used to schedule blog posts that you have written and have them posted to your blog on a daily, weekly or more frequent basis. Auto-Posting is a great way to keep your blog posts active even while you are away and can’t post content to your blog.

By definition it is pretty clear as auto-posting means exactly what it states. However, there are some tools on the internet that take auto-posting one step further.

Auto-Posting Blog Content

If a person doesn’t like doing something, there is always someone who will come up with a way to automate that task and make it easier to do.

Auto-Posting generated blog content is one of those ideas that is supposed to make writing a blog post easier. If you Google “automated blog posting” you will find lot’s of ideas, software, and techniques for auto-generating content for your blog and basically putting your entire blog system on auto-pilot.

Now the question that I receive often is does setting up such a system for your blog work or does it do more harm than good?

In my opinion, nothing beats original content and for your readers of your blog, that’s what they expect and want.

Blogs can be used for many different purposes and if the focus of your blog is to provide valuable, insightful, and original content for your readers then I would suggest you NOT use any of the “Auto-Pilot” tools that generate content for your blog and post that content on auto-pilot without any intervention from you.

ArticleBuilderHowever, if on the other hand, the purpose of your blog is to generate traffic and get the search engines to locate you, search your content, and rank your content on the search engines then auto-generating and auto-posting blog content to your blog may be something that you are interested in.

Determine The Purpose Of Your Blog

So in summary, I would say determine what your intended purpose of your blogs is.

If you want to grow your readership for your blog then stick with good original content. Post regularly and provide your readers with your own knowledge, insight, and perspective on topics of interest to them. Make all your blog’s posts your original content, sure you can use quips and quotes from others, but add your own twist to the information you present to your users. Overtime, your website will grow and your followers will stay with you as they learn your personality and associate with your perspectives.

If you are looking to generate traffic to your blog and auto-generating content interests you, then do your research. There are a lot of different software tools that can create content and auto-post that content to your website basically setting your entire blog up on auto-pilot. However, be forewarned, recently Google has started to crack down on this type of content and blogs that are obviously auto-generated and will penalize them for the lack of originality. This action can get your entire blog website removed from all search engine traffic essentially killing your traffic flow and income possibilities.







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