Building A Solid Foundation For Article Marketing

There are two schools of thought when it comes to article marketing. Each approach works well in generating leads. However, there are benefits to one approach over the other in building a solid foundation for your article marketing campaigns. In general, the two approaches to article marketing are;

Article Marketing

Two Approaches to Article Marketing

  1. SEO Targeted Article Marketing – building a SEO focused marketing campaign that is defined and constructed to go after a specific niche market with a well defined set of keywords that the campaign is meant to target.
  2. Broad Category Article Marketing – I like to call this the shotgun approach. Basically, this approach has no defined target audience and it’s sole purpose is to draw in visitors based on their interest of the topic of the blog posts alone.

NOTE – Now, I realize I may be over simplifying the Article Marketing space but for those of you that know me, know that I am a firm believer of cutting to the point and not cluttering up subjects that I post about with to much unnecessary data for the topic at hand. Hence, for the purpose of this blog post we will look at these two perspectives.

SEO Targeted Article Marketing

An SEO driven Article Marketing campaign is based on the premise that you are going after a specific niche market with the overall goal of achieving the top ranking listing on Google for searches based on the keywords you have identified for your niche.

What is your niche you ask? Well, this could be anything that you choose for your target market but keep in mind that the niche you choose should be tightly related to the website or products that you are promoting with your article marketing campaign.

Obviously, to achieve a top ranking on the search engines for search terms relating to your chosen niche you must identify keywords that are used most frequently by people searching on Google within your niche.

There are many tools available that allow you to perform keyword analysis including Googles own Free Keyword Tool. However, I recommend that if you want to focus on SEO Targeted Article Marketing that you purchase a Keyword Analysis Tool which will help you build a solid foundation for your SEO Targeted article marketing campaigns. My recommended tool would be Market Samurai as it is one of the best and most utilized tools for targeted article marketing.

SEO Targeted Article Marketing requires identification of keywords used most by people searching on Google, writing your article specific to these keywords, optimizing the on-page SEO of your article, posting your article to an authority site, and then building backlinks to the article so that it ranks on the search engines for your targeted key words.

Rob Fore, is probably the most notable marketer in the field of SEO Targeted Article Marketing. He has created a complete “Posting On Purpose For Profits” training in which he goes into the detailed aspects of how to create campaigns that utilize these methods.

Broad Category Article Marketing

The concept behind Broad Category Article Marketing is simple. Post to your blog everyday and don’t worry about trying to rank in the search engines for any specific set of keywords or search terms. Your posts should be good quality original posts but they can be about anything and everything that you want to blog about.

Blog Consistently

Blog Consistently

I like to refer to this as the “Shot Gun” approach. If you throw enough quality blog posts out on your blog then eventually it will start to be noticed by the search engines and get ranked.  Blog posting in this manner works well if your blog is hosted on an “Authority” site such as EmpowerNetwork, WordPress, Blogger or any of the other authority blogging sites that have an established presence on the internet.

A great use of Broad Category Article Marketing is to monitor daily, the hot topics on the internet through monitoring sites such as Alexa, BuzzFeed, etc… Find topics that are generating buzz or have gone viral and then blog about it. This is a good way to generate quick short term traffic to your blog which will convert to leads for your business.

Article Marketing Summary

Broad Category Article Marketing is the easiest method to build traffic and it only takes minutes per day to accomplish. Marketing in this method will generate quick short term traffic for your website, but the quality of the leads, hence your conversions, will be lower than using targeted article marketing.

On the flip side, SEO Targeted Article Marketing requires a methodical approach to article marketing. The results take time to achieve but the traffic you generate will build up and last a lifetime if blog posts and your targeted keywords remain high up in the search results for your targeted marketing campaign.

This article is a re-post of the original article from the NetworkCEO EmpowerNetwork blog.

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