A Room With An Awesome View of South Beach, Miami

I am headed down to South Beach in Miami this weekend. I will be staying at the world renowned Eden Roc Hotel on the beach in Miami’s high class South Beach area… Here is a photo of the room I have reserved for the weekend.

Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach

I’ll be attending a Mastermind meeting all weekend long with two of the highest earning Internet Marketing gurus on the planet.

There’s no doubt that the weather is going to be awful this weekend in South Florida, but I am not really going down there to enjoy the sun and relax on the beach.

Nope, this weekend is all about training, networking, and building lasting relationships.

“By Invitation Only” Event

Miami is going to be playing host not only to the NBA playoffs this weekend…

This weekend Miami is also the host city for an Ultra-Exclusive “By Invitation Only” Mastermind event with David Wood and David Sharpe. These two individuals are the owners and developers of The Empower Network.

Home Business Magazine Issue December 2012I will be hanging out in style with these leaders, as well as many other internet marketing leaders who will be converging on Miami for the weekend. And believe me when I say this is going to be a life changing event for my business as well as my personal life.

What would you give for an opportunity like this…?

You don’t get too many chances in your life-time to meet, mingle, and hangout with two of the most successful Internet Marketers in the business. The David’s (as I like to refer to them) have created a $250 Million Dollar Business in just over 18 months!

You can find out more about this company and their Cinderella Story by reading the December 2012 issue of Home Business Connection.

Ultra Exclusive Mastermind Event

Let me explain why this weekend’s event is so “Ultra Exclusive”;

This “Mastermind” event is not available to the general public nor is it available to anyone with an interest in Internet marketing.

To attend this event you have to of received a personal invitation from the Dave’s!

Not many people knew about this event…

…and actually, up to the time that I posted this article there’s only been a handful of people that even had any knowledge about this event.

So by now, you should now understand why I’m ecstatic about receiving an invitation and having the opportunity to attend this event and learn from some of the best marketers in the industry.

Secret “Invitation Only” Event Schedule

Why would the leaders of Empower Network be holding an ultra-secret, ultra-exclusive “Invite Only” meeting in Miami, Florida?

I can’t give you any of the details right now…

…because I am sworn to secrecy about the purpose of this meeting and why we will be converging on Miami for the weekend.

But, if you follow my blog during the next few days, I will be posting and providing information about everything that transpires as I get a chance to release information for my team and my followers.

One thing that I can do for you at this time is provide you with a high level overview of the Mastermind Event Schedule.

On Saturday, we have a full day of training, networking, and mastermind sessions planned. The entire day is dedicated to the attendees so that they have an opportunity to chat openly with David Wood and David Sharpe and all of the “Internet Marketing Dignitaries” that will be in attendance.

Saturday Evening there will be a Dinner and Reception allowing more time for networking followed up by some “Out on the Town” activities as only Miami’s South Beach can provide.

On Sunday, after our night of debauchery and fun… It’s time to relax!

Sunday’s activity will feature a day of resting and relaxation as only the Dave’s know how to do it.

On Sunday, we’ll be cruising Key Biscayne Bay on a private yacht where all of the attendees will have further opportunities to meet, mingle, network and form JV’s with the all the internet marketing leaders in attendance.

There will be a lot of new opportunities arising from this weekend for me, my team, and all of the members of the Dave’s team!

I am excited for what the future holds… Because when events like this one happen there are great things that arise as a result.

The NetworkCEO




P.S. – If you are not on my team yet… It’s not too late for you to get started! There has never been a more exciting period in Internet Marketing than right now… And I will see you on the beaches of the world.. Maybe the next time we are in Miami! Smile

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