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Create Facebook Fan Pages Fast!

Facebook provides a marketing mecca for Internet and Network marketers. Why? you ask, for starters Facebook has over 700 million users world wide, therefore, Facebook is the single most concentrated social media gathering place on the internet. Facebook has also recently added some pretty cool features that now make it easier than ever to get the word out about what you have to offer.

If you aren’t already marketing on Facebook you’d better make plans to be soon!

Marketing your products and/or services on Facebook requires you to create a Fan Page, as according to Facebook’s Terms of Service, you can not market your business using your personal profile. Thankfully, some pretty savvy entrepreneurs have made the task of creating a Facebook Fan Page a very easy task.

FastFanPages.Com is one of the best new tools to come out recently that takes all of the technical issues out of creating a Fan Page and makes it as easy as 1-2-3 clicks! We recently subscribed to FastFanPages.Com and was able to create our first Fan Page in less than 90 seconds. In fact, we were able to create a very sophisticated Fan Page called a Fan Gate in just over 5 minutes!

FastFanPages comes with a predefined set of training videos that range from the simple (create a simple fan pages) to the more complex (create a Fan Gate fan page). The training videos you receive depend on the subscription level that you purchase. Along with the training videos you receive a predefined set of Fan Pages for you to use out of the box.

We found the BLANK fan page to be the most flexible as it allows you too insert your own “Custom” html and images to truly create that customized fan page with video, lead capture pages and even your subscription form for AWeber.

One of the nicest features was the Fan Gate pages. These pages almost force the user into “Like”ing your Fan Page to get to the FREE stuff that you are offering. Basically, the page displays a teaser for the visitor prompting them to “Like” your page to unlock the hidden gift that you are offering. You can offer videos, ebooks, webinars, or additional training to your visitors in exchange for them “Likeing your page.

We recommend that you visit the FastFanPages.Com website and sign up for their FREE service and give it a try. This FREE account does have limitations but it will allow you to get started creating your first Fan Pages quickly and you can then upgrade at a later date once you have the hang of how fun it is to use.

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