Don’t Buy An iPad From Walmart

I for one have never been a big fan of Walmart. Partly, because I blame them for the fall of the country “mom and pop businesses” across America. But then when I seen this video of Walmart employees intentionally damaging new iPads for the fun of it. Well it really gives me reason to not shop at Walmart.

Don’t buy an iPad from Walmart!

I believe you will agree when you watch this video shot by some Walmart employees that it’s time to say good bye to this American icon… Let’s bring back the true value that was once part of the American economy.

Can you believe the inconsiderate behavior of these Walmart employees? Why would anyone treat iPads that are going to be sold to customers with such intentional abuse? I know I should not blame Walmart for the acts of some dumb idiots, but again….

I have never really liked Walmart. Now seeing this video of Walmart employees intentionally damaging and destroying iPads gives me more reason to hate Walmart!

Apparently, from this video these Walmart employees must not like Walmart either, why else would they be intentionally destroying and damaging these iPads and then filming themselves doing it? My recommendation let’s help these guys out of a job and don’t buy an iPad from Walmart… For that matter let’s not buy anything from Walmart.

Purchase Your iPad At An Apple Store

I bought my iPad at the local Apple store. Why? I like the genuine customer service that I received at the Apple Store and the peace of mind that these guys truly love there job. When I bought my iPad the salesperson at the store took the time to instruct me on how to use and care for my iPad.



The Apple iPad is a rugged device, and I for one have mistreated my iPad more than once by dropping it or accidently knocking it off of the nightstand while fumbling to turn out the lights. But, I am most assuredly positive that the guys that work at my local Apple store were not throwing iPads around like Frisbees!

Beware Of Walmart

Take my advice, stay clear of Walmart and the merchandise that they sell.

Sure, Walmart advertises low prices and they advertise that they will match or beat any competitors sales prices on merchandise. But really, do you want to take the chance that these morons throwing iPads at Walmart are going to be in the back stockroom of your local Walmart?

When was the last time you bought something from Walmart, took it home, only to find out that it did not work or was broken… Ever wonder why a new product that you just purchased didn’t work or how it could have possibly gotten broken… Watch this video again then ask yourself that question.

My recommendation… Steer clear of Walmart all together!

Think back about 25 years ago before there was a Walmart in every home town across America. Back then you could find good ole’ Mom & Pop stores that would cater to your every need. If they didn’t have what you needed they went out of their way to get it for you. Do you get that now in your hometown Walmart store… Probably not!






BTW – Give me your opinions… What made Walmart as big as it is now anyway? Was it the because of the quality of the people that work at Walmart and their customer service or was it that people that shop at Walmart were looking for better prices?

I welcome your feedback and comments!

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