Easy Video Suite – The Easy Way To Do Video Marketing

EasyVideoSuite DashboardVideo Marketing is big business and it probably is the hottest marketing opportunity on the internet today.

Nothing draws in more traffic to your website than a viral video… Don’t believe it?

Just take a look at the SERP’s and see what listings (YouTube, Vimeo, etc..) always seem to make it into the Top 10 on every page that comes up in a Google search.

Video Marketing is HOT!

Be warned now… If you are not considering video in your marketing then you are missing a huge marketing opportunity!

Maybe you haven’t leveraged video marketing in your business because you think it is too difficult and time consuming. Or, maybe you just don’t know how to go about creating a video, uploading it to a video hosting provider (aka YouTube, Vimeo, etc…), and then getting it to display on your website.

If the whole process makes you cringe just thinking about it… Then do I have Great News For You.


EasyVideoSuite will make your video production a simple point and click process. Everything you need to produce a video and then host that video yourself, using your Amazon S3 account, is now at your fingertips and available through an easy to use online dashboard.

The EasyVideoSuite includes a “Whole Suite” of tools that will provide you everything you need to create, produce, and publish your videos. The applications all work seamlessly together and make Video Marketing Easy!

Easy Video Suite Introduction


Here is a highlight of some of the applications that you get with the EasyVideoSuite

Video Creation

Using the EasyVideoSuite desktop application you can now easily create videos right from your desktop.

Forget about Jing

Forget about Camtasia

Want to create a training video that requires you to capture a video of your computers desktop showing the steps to take to use an application? No problem…

Want to create a video using your computers video camera and post that video on to your WordPress website? No Problem…

Both can be produced right from your EasyVideoSuite Desktop application!

Easy Video Suite Desktop Application

Video Production, Publishing, And Tracking


When it comes to producing, publishing, and tracking your videos the EasyVideoSuite does not hold back on any features and functionality.

Production of your video involves deciding what features and functionality you want to add to your video. EasyVideoSuite provides you with a whole host of features that you can utilize in the production of your video ensuring that your video marketing leverages all of the hottest options available today!

Add stuff like Social Bookmarking, Custom Video Players,  Buy Buttons, Player Effects, and more while producing your videos.


Once you are satisfied with your video and you have the production just the way that you like it

Clicking the “Finalize” option produces your video in several different formats acceptable for the different platforms you want to deploy your video to. No more worries about getting your video to play on desktops, laptops, smart phones, iPads or the web…

It’s all handled for you seamlessly in the background.

Once your videos are ready you are provided with a link to share your videos… It’s that easy!


There are a lot of video players on the market today… So you might be asking yourself “Why do I care about EasyVideoSuite?”

Let me tell you, the video tracking in this application is like no other.

Watch the video and learn how the EasyVideoSuite Command Center makes producing, publishing, and tracking your video’s performance an easy task.

EasyVideoSuite Command Center Dashboard


See how Easy the new EasyVideoSuite makes your Video Marketing!


Want to learn more about how EasyVideoSuite can boost your effectiveness with your Video Marketing Campaigns? Visit the EasyVideoSuite website and watch all the videos they have there about this awesome application.

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P.S. EasyVideoSuite launches January 15th… But, don’t wait until then to see how this application will benefit your video marketing.


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