Exposing Our Ultimate Top 3 Social Media Ideas!

Social Media Ideas Light Comes OnAre you lacking fresh new social media ideas? This article is here to help re-inspire you as you build your social media dynasty.

The social media landscape is consistently changing and as it evolves, you need to evolve with it, so it’s important to always be trying new social media ideas.

The Social Media Landscape

One thing that you can almost always depend on happening with social media is an ever changing list of social media players. There will always be new social media sites popping up.

If you can jump onto them before competitors figure out it’s the “next big thing” you can grab some great traffic before the masses discover your secret and hop on-board too.

Social Media is a great method for marketing your business. Therefore, we thought it would be an awesome idea to expose our ultimate top 3 social media ideas for you to leverage in your marketing efforts.

Social Media Ideas

#1-Automate Your Social Media

We see too many business owners that have some amazing social media ideas and then they never take action on them. It usually is due to the fact that they just get overwhelmed with trying to post on everything and track all of the results of their posts.

If you are on 50 social media platforms and are trying to log into each one daily, well obviously you can see that won’t last too long.

You need to automate everything.

Just like you schedule everything else in your business you need to do the same with your social media campaigns and management. You have two options for doing this.

The first is using tools such as www.hootsuite.com

HootSuite will not only enable you to link all your social media accounts into one location but this system also allows you to effectively track conversions and measure your campaign results.

This is an idea of what you can do when you automate everything using HootSuite:

  • Manage Multiple Profiles
  • Schedule Messages
  • Analyze Social Media Traffic
  • Mobile Dashboard
  • Message Management
  • Custom Analytics
  • And the list goes on…

HootSuite offers three plans Free, Pro and Enterprise and each one obviously has better options than the next. So choose the plan that works the best for your needs and utilize this tool in your social media management.

If after reviewing HootSuite, you decide that HootSuite isn’t the tool for you then your next option is to pay someone to do all this for you.

Consider outsourcing this task using www.odesk.com and interview a few qualified candidates who can take this off your hands.

No matter what you do it’s vital to pick one. Your business needs to stay in the social media game.

#2-Use It For Testing And Tracking

When you start to think about various social media ideas, you need to think outside the box. Many business owners jump into PPC (Pay-Per_Click) advertising blindly lured by the possibility of gaining customers from the large user populations that frequent social media networks.

So here is a suggestion –

Before you run a PPC Ad Campaign consider using a few status updates to test and track your PPC campaigns before you actually run them.

Create a status update using the same image and copy that you would be using in your Facebook PPC campaign. Adding this to your status updates a few times in a week is completely FREE for you to do. You know its hitting your target market because that is how you built your Facebook following in the first place.

Now schedule this to run at high traffic social media times. Then test and track how your audience reacts. This is a golden free way to analyze what your ROI is going to be for that Facebook PPC campaign before you actually spend any money and run it.

Then, if your audience is not crazy about it they may comment with some ideas. This is FREE incredible information if you use this.

I have had some of my BEST ever PPC campaigns come from testing them this way first. I do the same with my “opt in” offers also.

#3-Run Fun Contests

Great Social Media IdeasIts social media and it’s supposed to be fun and interactive. So take advantage of the social aspect of social media and engage your followers with some fun contests and free giveaways. This will do two things for your business.

First – when you run a contest your audience will love interacting and will feel like you VALUE what they have to say. Making your audience feel valued is what’s going to help transition them into long term customers.

A few suggestions for contests might be;

  • Have visitors submit a new logo design for your new products launching.
  • Have visitors submit their best “success story” from using your products and or services.

Second – Make your audience feel APPRECIATED and reward those that participate in your contests. Besides rewarding your top customers consider keeping a running list of the Top 25, 50 or 100 Customers.

This is a win-win scenario for all parties involved. Your clients will feel valued and appreciated and you will get some phenomenal feedback and marketing testimonials without being pushy in the process.

Make it fun and not intimidating and your fans will have a blast with this. As an incentive for their submissions, maybe the winner can be awarded that specific product for free.

Contests are also a great incentive to get even more followers because people want to participate and fun contests on social media site have a tendency to go “Viral”.

I hope you have enjoyed some of our social media ideas and can put them into play for your business success.

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BTW: Make sure to comment below and share with us any creative social media ideas you have come across as we would love to hear them.


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