Simple2Advertise – The Best Marketing System For Your Home Business

Simple2Advertise - The best marketing system for your empower network businessOkay, I can’t resist this anymore. I have kept this system secret for too long and cashed in on the fantastic leads that it is generating me each and every day.

I am talking about the best marketing system for your Home-Based business that currently is available.

When I say system I mean this product has it all!

When I found this system they were in their pre-launch and like all other new programs they had a few technical glitches and problems. But now, this system rocks. I have never seen a system that virtually let’s you put your home-based business on autopilot like this one does.

Yes, you are still going to want to “Blog Daily”!  But if you get this system and add it to your marketing efforts, then you will have everything that you need for your home-based business to succeed.

Take it from me, I struggled to get my home-based business doing anything before I started using this system. Now with Simple2Advertise my home-based business is growing!

You get these components all included with the package;

  • Beautifully Designed Lead Capture Pages
  • Facebook Apps to plugin to your Fanpages
  • Banners, Graphics, and images professionally designed
  • Mobile Capture Pages that allow you to target Mobile Users
  • Marketing Co-Op’s that target Adside, CPCBroker, Clicxsense, SoloAds, and much more
  • Over 200 ad networks that you can utilize to market your Home-Based business
  • And Much More…

Keep reading to get more details on what is included in this awesome marketing system and why I am recommending to you to get in now before they decide to raise the cost!

The Best Marketing System Online

Simple2Advertise is not just another lead capturing system. It is a full suite of beautifully designed lead capture pages, banners, Facebook Apps, and Marketing Co-Ops. This system provides so much that you really have to review all the features the  Simple2Advertise Marketing System provides to get a clear understanding of what it can do to help you get your Home-Based business rockin’.

Been frustrated with your marketing efforts?

Blogging daily not quite working out the way you hoped?

No traffic to your website?

What’s Included


There is so much to this marketing system that I really don’t know where to start first.

The Simple2Advertise system is the Best Marketing System For Your Home-Based Business hands-down.

The Simple2Advertise Marketing platform really is two full systems in one. You get a full professional marketing system along with an advertising co-op system that you can use.

Currently, this system supports multiple home-based business opportunities but rumor has it that they are looking to expand their services and include other companies in the future.

So far I have to provide a “Two Thumbs Up!” recommendation for this system which includes the following features and functionality;

Beautifully Designed Lead Capture Pages

s2a4This is my favorite part about this system.

The Lead Capture Pages are so professionally designed and generate lot’s of interest to your home-based opportunity. All you have to do is market via one of the built-in co-op’s or throw a banner on a popular website and voila`, watch the leads flow in.

Each capture page has a full compliment of banners that can be used with your marketing.

Combine the banners with the built-in marketing campaigns, this system offers, and you have a winning combination of advertising media that will generate a significant flow of traffic to your website within minutes.

All the leads from the capture pages are added to your own autoresponder account via aWeber or GetResponse and directed to your signup pages. This is about as easy a setup as you could ever ask for.

Facebook Apps

We all know that marketing your home-based business on Facebook is difficult. Using the Facebook apps that are included in your Simple2Advertise subscription you can once again use Facebook for promoting your Home-Based business.

Just plug these apps into your Facebook Fanpages and direct your fans to them and they will do the rest of the work for you!

Marketing Co-Op

Not getting the traffic to your web pages that you had hoped for? Marketing solo-ads or doing pay-per-click advertising just too expensive for you to even think about? Simple2Advertise has you covered!

The Simple2Advertise Marketing Co-Op’s are sold by the “Spot”. Each spot costs just $25.00 to get into, so for the same price you are paying monthly for your blog, you can now promote it!

The results of the marketing co-op’s are openly posted on their website and shared in their Facebook Group so you always know which co-ops are performing and which once are not. My recommendation is to jump in and test the waters in the co-op’s and decide which ones work the best for you.


“Blogging Daily” works… But it takes time for your blog posts to get recognized by Google and for your blogs to get ranked by the major search engines. Ultimately your blog posts will generate traffic to your website. However, do you want to wait months for your Home-Based business to generate an income for you?

Simple2Advertise gives you a boost in generating traffic and leads to your website…Period! The fact that the lead capture pages, banners, Facebook apps, marketing co-op’s, and all the other feature of Simple2Advertise are done for you pay for themselves over and over.







P.S. – Get your Simple2Advertise membership now before the prices go up! Right now this system is on-sale at a fantastic price of only $37.00 per month but this price is scheduled to go up on September 30th 2012!

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