Social Media Marketing Companies – How To Identify The Best For Your Business

Social Media Marketing CompaniesIf you have landed on this article you are most likely trying to locate the best social media marketing companies for your business.

In this article I am going to cover the basics of what a Social Media Marketing Company is and what it can do for your business. As well as, offer some suggestions on how to identify the best company for your business.

Social Networks are here to stay, if you have yet to branch out into social media marketing, then don’t hesitate any longer.

But before we can dive right into the best marketing companies, we first need to educate you on what social media marketing can do for your business if done properly.

Building a Social Media Marketing Strategy Today is Vital to your Business Success.

The main component to what makes social media marketing so powerful is it enables you to build a virtual relationship with your target market. This is very valuable. If people know, like and trust you they will want to do business with you.

Social media marketing on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest all can effectively help you build this relationship.

Social Media – Facebook

Facebook is a great platform for building a relationship with your audience.

Did you know that one in every seven minutes spent online is spent on Facebook?

If you are not marketing on Facebook then you’re doing your business a huge disservice.

Leverage the offerings that Facebook has to promote your Facebook Social Media presence. Many of the big social media marketing companies have learned how to use Facebook’s “Promoted Page Posts” and other paid marketing strategies that are very cost effective to begin converting your fans to customers almost immediately.

I wrote an article a while back where I gave some hints about Promoted Page Posts… You can read the article titled Stealth Facebook Marketing Tactics for additional information

Another popular social media marketing method is video content.

Social Media – YouTube

Video marketing allows your audience to put a face to your brand. You can use a video marketing company such as YouTube for hosting your videos. However, many of the social media companies mentioned in this article also provide video hosting. For instance, Facebook now allows you to post videos on their service and share them with your followers. Also, consider setting up your own video hosting service. There are many turn-key offerings available that can assist you in this endeavor.

But, the gorilla of social media video hosting is still YouTube! As of the date of this article, YouTube has 490 million unique users worldwide per month!

Consider the statistics of video and it’s impacts on social media… The average YouTube user spends up to 25 minutes a day on this site. Social media marketing companies want to make sure your brand has a fierce presence on this social video sharing site.

Social Media Facts

Social Media Marketing Fact’s:

  • Facebook now has over 1billion users on its Social Network
  • Pinterest users typically make an average income of $100,000 and will spend around 15.3 minutes re-“pinning” content they enjoy
  • Nearly 1/4 of all users of the internet are using social media sites several times a day
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google (which coincidently owns YouTube)
  • 53% of people on Twitter recommend products in their tweets

I am sure you can now see the value behind setting your business up correctly with a strong social media presence.

The Social Media Approach

Social media marketing companies are going to first identify who your target market is. Then they are going to give you some suggestions on the best social media marketing that appeals to your market.

The strategies a company uses for identifying your target market are pretty standard and they will ask you a series of questions to help them understand who your customer really is.

The next step social media marketing companies take is creating valuable content that your target audience is looking for. Identifying appropriate content and posting this content to your social networks will engage your followers and help grow your social media presence.

This content will also prompt your audience to engage with it. If your social media engagement is excellent the first week of using this company you have hit a home run.

Engagement is what will build the relationship with your social media audience.

You will see this done in multiple different ways. By asking questions, images, and even short surveys pertaining to your audience and what they are looking for. Once you build a large following of fans you can then get them to participate in providing you with feedback on new products, packaging, and anything else to improve your business.

Social Media Marketing Companies – Summary

I hope you enjoyed our brief overview of Social Media Marketing Companies and How to Identify The Best for Your Business. Our overview are all things to consider when looking for social media marketing companies to work with or learn techniques from.

Here are our top 5 suggested social media marketing companies:

• We Are Social-

• Altimeter Group-

• Social Media Examiner-

• Mari Smith –

• Chris Brogan –


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