The Guru Mentality–Beware Who You Seek!

beware_who_you_seekWhen was the last time that you were introduced to a business opportunity by someone and the first few questions out of your mouth were…

  • How long have you been in?
  • How much money have you made?
  • How big is your team?


These are great questions, and they probably should come up some time in the future. But, stop for a moment and ask yourself.

Why are these questions important to me?

Think about it…

Do you really care about the person that is introducing you to a new business?

Afterall, it’s the business that we should be investigating to determine if it is something we want to get involved in, not the person introducing us to the business.

However, so many of us believe that in order to be successful in business we have to join a team, with a leader that is already a “Guru” in the business.

Let me share my own experience with trying to follow the guru’s.

Why Do We Follow The Guru’s

Back in 2009, I was introduced to a business opportunity, which shall remain anonymous because it doesn’t matter much now, by an individual that I did not consider to be a guru at the time. I had asked those 3 questions of this person and upon hearing his responses, I decided I was not satisfied with the answers he provided and determined that maybe I should look for someone more experienced to be my sponsor.

So on a quest to find the guru in the business opportunity I had just learned about, I turned to the internet and started searching.

I did a lot of internet research on the business opportunity and focused on learning who all the successful people were in the business. In the process, I discovered several names of individuals that were identified as guru’s in the business. So, as a newbie in network marketing what did I do?

I followed the guru and signed up under him…

I thought it was a great idea at the time…

Get in on the team with a guru that was already successful in the business, making lots of money, and growing a team faster than most other people in the business were.

So I bought in for the $3000 product of which I believe the guru made $1000 in commission…

Well that was where I made my mistake…

LOVE GURUThe company I joined was a great company, and I probably could have made some pretty good money off of the sales in that company if only I could have received some support!

I could never get my guru sponsor to answer my phone calls, respond to my emails, or return my voicemails…


I suppose he was too busy being successful to work with the little non-producing people in the business.

Then one day I receive an email from my “Guru” sponsor offering me a one-on-one training session… This was awesome, this was what I was hoping to get from my guru sponsor.

But wait, he wanted me to pay him $1000.00 for this training. What the hell!

I thought to myself;

  • here this guru, taunted me with emails telling me how I need to get on his team
  • I then join his team, buying in at the top product, probably producing him over a Thousand Dollars in commissions
  • …and now he wants me to pay him another $1000 to learn his secrets of success

You can imagine my shock and dismay at this turn of events… Eventually the shock wore off.

I soon after quit that company and took a sabbatical of nearly 3 years from Network Marketing.

My Guru Promise To You

In 2011, I decided to get back on the horse and test the waters of Network Marketing mixing in some Internet and Affiliate Marketing.

This time however, I didn’t look for the guru in the industry.

This time I decided that I am going to look at the business and focus on it’s strengths and decide if it is a good fit for me as the business owner.

My requirements were simple, find a business that;

  • Uses modern technologies in its business model
  • Has a strong commitment to its affiliates
  • Pays high commissions
  • Provides on-going training and support for all affiliates

As most of you know, I not only found one business, I found several great businesses that I now operate and promote.

Now I am not saying that I am a guru YET!

…But I do have a goal and a promise to myself and to anyone that joins my team which is based on my own experiences…

The promise I made to myself, my team, and those that follow me is…

“My goal is to be successful in all my endeavors.
I measure my success not by the money I make or the level of notoriety I achieve.
Instead, my success will be measured by the success of those I mentor and uplift to help them achieve their own definition of success!”

If you are looking to start your own business and you want a sponsor that you can rely on being there when you need them…

Then contact me… I am always looking for someone to mentor!

The NetworkCEO





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