Using KeywordXP To Perform Simple Long Tail Keyword Research

Experienced Internet Marketers know that the 1st Step in any Internet Marketing Campaign is to perform Keyword Research. Long Tail Keyword Research is the recommended approach to locate keywords in your niche that have good search traffic and the propensity to generate income based on the commercialization of the keyword’s search value.

We all know how hard it is to locate good keywords that are not over saturated with competition and how using long tail keywords can result in better traffic to your website than the harder to rank for popular keywords. Now for those of you that don’t know what a long tail keyword is, here’s an example;

Keyword: Dog Training

Long Tail Keyword: Puppy Obedience Training

A Long Tail Keyword is simply a more targeted keyword that further defines a specific niche within a keyword topic area. Therefore, traffic is going to be lower for the long tail keyword, but if you write an article targeting visitors who searched on this long tail keyword topic, the relevancy of your topic to your audience is going to be more meaningful and provide more value to your visitors. In turn, products and services that answer a need for these visitors have a better chance of being purchased.

Keyword Research is vital to targeting the Correct audience and thanks to KeywordXP, keyword research has just gotten easier!

Using KeywordXP To Perform Simple Long Tail Keyword Research

KeywordXP is a product written by Paul Clifford of PageOneTraffic.Net. Paul and his crew have many great software packages to their credit but their latest software release called KeywordXP is probably their best work yet!

KeywordXP makes doing keyword research easier and faster than ever before possible. The process that the software uses for determining your best long tail keywords is well thought out and follows a simple logical step by step process that allows you to drill right into the best keywords for your niche. Let me give you a quick walk through of how easy it is to use;

When you start up KeywordXP you will see that the interface is very simplistic and that a lot of the complicated functionality other major Keyword Research Tools on the internet have is not present in this tool.

Screenshot of KeywordXP a Long Tail Keyword Research Tool

Once you have the software installed and open on your desktop doing keyword research is as simple as;

  1. Simply enter your main keyword and the application will return the 10 most searched keywords that are used on Google for that main term.
  2. Using the list of returned terms you can search through the list of suggested words, or all the words beginning with a, then b, then c, all the way through z if desired
  3. By simply selecting a radial button on the main interface you can quickly search between Google or Amazon for the suggested search terms for your desired keyword
  4. Now that you have a list of suggested keywords the next step is to “Drill Down” and expand further upon any of the keywords to review the list of Long Tail Keywords that KeywordXP has found for your desired keyword
  5. Once you have your desired set of Long Tail Keywords you can request to get Volume and eCommerce data for those search terms
  6. Green indicators on those Long Tail Keywords indicate those keywords that you should be targeting based on their traffic, search popularity, and value


This tool is one of the easiest tools for keyword research that we have found on the internet. Using KeywordXP to perform simple long tail keyword research can uncover the keywords you need to drive traffic to your website. Use this tool to perform research before you write and post your next article for your blog and uncover the long tail keywords users are searching for that can help drive your blog post to the top of the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

That’s it! Keyword research has never been so easy and so fast.

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  1. Really appreciate your sharing this one Doug! Thanks! ~ Sandy

  2. Really appreciate your sharing this one Doug! Thanks! ~ Sandy

  3. Really appreciate your sharing this one Doug! Thanks! ~ Sandy

  4. My buddy Dougis, is bringing the best of the best content again. Thanks a bunch for the share ! Keep ’em coming! Akos

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