What Role Will Social Media Play In Internet Marketing

Social Media Role in Internet MarketingInternet Marketing, by definition, is the promotion of goods and services over the internet in which the promoters share in the profits of sales generated through their efforts”. Internet Marketing has been around for as long as the internet has been around. We’ve all seen the banner ads on websites or been the recipient of an unsolicited (SPAM) email promoting a product we do not need or want. Even Google with it’s adWords and adSense programs participates in Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketers have long valued there worth based on how successfully they could promote goods and services to various target markets and then measuring their skills based on the size of their income from those promotions. A professional Internet Marketer understands that tracking metrics such as CTR (click-thru-rate), CPC (cost-per-click), and conversions is a better method of measurement of their skill level. Tracking and measuring these metrics over time allows for a better understanding of the effectiveness of an Internet Marketers marketing approach which can be broken into a One-To-One or One-To-Many categories.

Traditionally, Internet Marketers have leveraged a one-to-many or one-to-one approach to marketing.

For instance, an internet marketer placing a banner ad on a website would be considered as performing a one-to-many approach to marketing since his promotion is not targeted to any specific demographic, instead it is displayed for any visitor to a website. Whereas, purchasing a pay-per-click ad which specifically targets a particular defined set of users would be a good example of a one-to-one promotion because that promotion is designed to meet the needs of that specific targeted visitor group.

Social Media (Many-to-Many Marketing Approach)

Now along comes Social Media and it is no longer just the goal of the Internet Marketer to reach a target audience, but his goal should be to also enlist his target audience in assisting him with his promotion by telling their network of friends and family. This is the power of Social Media platforms, such as Twitter or Facebook, where members build a network of friends which closely follow each others activity (Likes, Comments, Posts).

Therefore, the role Social Media plays in Internet Marketing is the ability to massively promote goods and services using the viral effects of Social Media.

Now the terms one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many might not really be marketing terms, since I coined them from my technical background in database systems, but they provide a good visual on what role Social Media will play in your Internet Marketing.

If an internet marketer leverages social media in their marketing efforts they are essentially unleashing a many-to-many communication where not only are they the ones promoting their goods and services but now their target audience is too.

Imagine for a moment, the possibilities Social Media brings to Internet Marketing…

In a common one-to-many scenario a marketer (We’ll call him Joe) sends out 1000 emails, using a best case scenario where everyone of Joe’s target audience responds to his emails (100% Conversion), Joe receives 1000 responses.

Now let’s imagine this same scenario where Joe utilizes the Viral effects of Social Media. Joe sends out 1000 emails, using the same best case scenario again, Joe receives 1000 responses. But this time Joe asks his recipients to tell their friends and family about his goods and services, assuming that each of them have an average of 100 contacts, Joe has just reached 100,000 people. How many of those additional people do you think Joe might be able to sell his goods and services to?

Leveraging Social Media In Internet Marketing

If you are not an Internet Marketer, now is a good time to become one!

Never before in our history has the opportunity to reach such a large mass of people existed and so easily too. Internet Marketing is also getting easier due to technological advances in marketing techniques. In less than 10 minutes, anyone can create an ad and have it running on Facebook viewed by hundreds, thousands, or millions of people around the world who are ready to buy your goods or services.






P.S. I love to train people in Internet Marketing. If you are ready to get started drop me a messages and I will contact you. Also, if you are wondering what goods or services to promote I can share some of my favorites with you to get you started.


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