When Family and Friends Are Not Enough

Friends and Family

Friends and Family

Do your friends cringe when they see your car pull into their driveway? Do they avoid you in the grocery store isle? What about your family, do they avoid answering your calls when your name comes up on their caller ID? We’ve all been there before, right?

Big Opportunity

You probably know what I am taking about if the following scenario describes you at anytime in your life;

Working for corporate America has not provided you and your family with the quality of life that you have always dreamed of and the idea of working until your 65 or 70 years old in hopes that social security will still be around to support you is not an enticing future goal. So, determined to make a change in your life you have searched the internet, studied the entrepreneur page headlines, read all the benefits of being in business for yourself, and found the next big up and coming Network Marketing phenomenon.

Possibly you found this “New” MLM Business Opportunity early enough in it’s inception to be one of the elite few to get in on the MLM “Pre-Launch” which affords you the opportunity to be one of the first to approach your friends and family with this great business opportunity that you have just discovered.

So you sign up and become an independent representative of your new found MLM Business Opportunity. You’re pumped and anxious to get started, you listen to the opportunity calls, participate in the training sessions, and see how easy it is to build your MLM business just by telling your friends and family about your opportunity.

Family avoid you

Friends and family avoid you

Reality Sets In

Armed with the materials and information your new business opportunity provides you. You zealously reach out to all your friends and family to let them know that you are now an independent representative of company “XYZ”. You talk to everyone you know about your business, two, three, maybe even more times over the course of the following months since you discovered this sleeping giant of a Network Marketing opportunity.

Then reality sets in! You notice that your friends don’t call as often as they once did and your family members don’t come around as much as they did in the past. Could it be that you have alienated yourself because you were following the advice of your MLM upline?

Ask yourself some important questions;

  • Do you really believe this is how your upline built their business?
  • Do you believe that the top earners in your opportunity have all their friends and relatives in their downline?

I have to tell you from experience this is not the way to be successful in Network Marketing! 

How to be a Success

To be successful, you have to become “The Expert on Success!”

You must become the person that people are looking for to learn the secrets of your success. Becoming the expert of your niche should be your number one goal.

If you look at the leaders in Network Marketing they are not promoting their business opportunity, they are promoting themselves. Their opportunity is the chance for you to work with them, side by side,  to learn their secrets of success. Being an expert in the field of Network Marketing is powerful, having a great product to promote is powerful, but when you add the two together you have an unstoppable opportunity that others will want to join.

I would like to share some of my secrets of success and get you started on your journey to become the Expert. If you visit the NetworkCEO Training Center and start your training with Step #1, I will show you how to brand yourself as an expert.

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